Building 2s3p Battery Pack with 18650 Cells

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I am building a rechargeable battery pack to power an arduino mega with Samsung 30Q 18650's. I am putting the cells in a 2s3p configuration. I have never built a battery pack before so I am a little lost on how to wire everything up for charging and what kind of charger to use. Any help on how to do this is greatly appreciated.



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You just need one of these , $1 on eBay ... it protects from over charging and everything imaginable , just have to supply 9V , many different types , if you have a 12V supply you can probably find one that can take 12V...

If you haven't bought the cells yet they can be found with tabs which makes connection easier . Solder it all together in one package , just two wires out for power and 2 wires in for charging .