Building 2 Axis inclinometer

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Rahul Shah

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Hi All,
I am in process of building 2-Axis Inclinometer. Ideally a 2 or 3 axis mems accelerometer along with a mems gyroscope should solve the problem. There are 6 axis solutions available from ST, Invensense and others with digital interface to host controller. All costing nearly about 5-6 USD max. In their application they do not mention that this can be used as +/- 90 deg inclinometer. I need resolution up to 0.001 deg.

Yet, I came across a product from Analog Devices - ADIS16201. This product claims that it can be used as +/- 90 deg inclinometer. This is also a 2 axis accelerometer but costing around 30 USD!!!! I compared the specs and almost all are same.

Why is this price difference? What should I go for? A cheaper solution or a costlier solution like Analog Devices?

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Rahul Shah


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Devil is in the details- remember that specs are written by MARKETING PEOPLE to sell parts!
You really have to dig-in and study the parts in detail to see how things add up.

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From the ADIS16201 datasheet:

Even at $30 it doesn't come close to what I think you mean by "resolution." That is, the LSB has some meaning. 0.001° resolution for 90° will require 2^17 "resolution."

Of course, if all you want is resolution, not accuracy or precision, then that is a different story.