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Caleb Eroh

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Hi, I am new to this thread so I apologize in advance for any noob mistakes. I have a question about building a pulsing circuit for an iron man arc reactor I made a while back. Here is some quick background; a while back when I was in school I was able to cut out a piece of wood in the general shape of Tony Stark's arc reactor. I attached an LED strip to it, went to a Halloween part and called it quits. I just pulled it out to blow off the dust and see how I can improve it for a costume party I will be going to at the end of this month. On top of wanting to build some papercraft armor, I would like to incorporate a circuit that adds a pulsing effect to the main "reactor" so that it looks like you can see the energy pulsing through it. The only problem is that it looks to me like most circuits I found have a capacitor in them bringing me to think that the circuit will fully discharge each cycle. I was wondering if there was a way to discharge it down to say 60/70% and have it pulse back up to 100%? Thank you in advanced for reading my long winded explanation and I am looking forward to your input.


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Check out post by Dmm, Help with fading/throbbing LED---.
Short form of Throbb & Pause should work for your project.
Would like LED specs & arrangement, supply voltage etc.