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Im building an ac/dc converter for a battery charger, it takes in 120V AC in and outputs 90V DC at 20A max. To further improve the output performance of the buck converter, i decided to build a pi filter containing 2 capacitors and an inductor..it is essentially used to filter harmonics at at 100 kHz. What do you think of the schematic?fff.JPG

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If that ground shown is an earth ground, this will have problems, due to lack of an isolation transformer. The full line current will flow through a diode at one point in the cycle. I'm not sure if it's still against policy to discuss non-isolated off-line power here - it was at one time.


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As long as your input AC is from an isolation transformer, your ok, if your thinking of using a transformerless mains input, forget it, Too Dangerous


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On second thought, this is exactly the kind of mains powered project that is prohibited by the User Agreement.


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