Buck converter steps down voltage but does not step up current


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@alec, i was thinking about this too.but i have used this configuration (with diode) and i got expected voltage results in hardware but i didnt get the current pump which is supposed to be in buck converter.
@analogdude just switched from proteus, and now ltspice has its own limitations too :/
How do you know the charge pump isn't working?
LT Spice can calculate the average and RMS input current, but I don't know how the Proteus meters respond to discontinuous current.
If capacitors are added to the input, a current meter can be placed between the capacitors and the voltage source. Perhaps then, the meter will show the average current.

It looks like Vdd (pin9) is missing from your IR2112.
This device needs 2 clocks. One for the High-side and another for the Low-side FET.
As you have it, the LS FET is always off, so the body diode conducts the inductor current when the HS FET is off. Boost supply should still work.
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