Brass terminal connector

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Wondering if you can help.

I am designing a PCB and I want to use a brass terminal connector like the cylindrical one in the attached image.

I have looked in some online electrical distributors (RS Online, Farnell, Mouser, Digi Key) but I cannot find them.

Does anyone know where I can source these? I need about 10 and I'm based in the UK.




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Hmm, I think you need to better define your actual needs. Does it really have to be made out of pure brass with no plating? Does it need to be some specific diameter and length? Do the screws really need to be flat heads?
Or do you have some specific voltage and current in mind?
Frankly I have never seen such a connector, and am having trouble determining if it is 5mm long or 50 or what its used for. Or seeing what exactly is the part of it that does the connection and to what couterpart.


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Is something like this what you are looking for :


Such "butt"connectors are available for battery and welding cables. They go from about 6 or 8 AWG (probably smaller) up to 00 to 0000 awg. If you find one with a flat (or mill a flat) you could solder to a PCB, but it better be a wide trace. When I was dealing with those things, I made my "PCB" from 0.025" copper sheet.