Bottom heating element in oven doesn't work.

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My wife broiled some nuts in the oven a short time ago and it seems that the oils in nuts do not mix well with oven heat. When she opened the oven to check the nuts, flames came pouring out of the oven. I heard screaming so I ran in and threw a box of baking soda on the flames. The next time we turned it on, it worked. After that it has not worked. Does anyone know what might be burned out or shorted out or where to begin? I looked at the heating element and it looks okay on the outside. I do have a multimeter. I did add a piece onto the control anel but the problem still exists. The model # is LFEF3011LBO. Thanks



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Pull the range away from the wall, unplug, remove any rear cover to access the heating element terminals, inspect connections and measure continuity between terminals and to chassis. Then come back with results.


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Your documentation should contain a wiring diagram for your range, it may be this one. Start with the suggestion above. I would also check the resistance of the bake element itself, not sure what the resistance should be but the element connections should show some continuity and neither end terminal should be shorted to the outer sheath. Also make sure the stove has full power of 220 VAC, since bake won't work try broil as that will tell you a lot. At this point if it is still under warranty make a phone call, if not and it is the diagram I linked to we can try more trouble shooting. Keep in mind when plugged in there is 240 VAC mains voltage running around inside there.