Boosting range of wireless transmission using RF module 433mhz

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Irfaaz Ali

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Im trying to increase the distance of transmission for my wireless circuit, Im currently using an RF module (433mhz) and im getting around 30meters im trying to get at least 50 to 100 meters. is there anything i could do to achieve this ? thanks


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Better antennas on both the transmitter and receiver.

The minimum antenna configuration for both is a half-wavelength center-fed dipole (not a 1/4 wavelength, or shorter piece of wire with no ground plane or counterpoise). The transmit antenna and receive antenna must have the same orientation, either both vertical or both horizontal; cross-orientation is a no-no.

Even better would be Yagi beam type antennas...

What are you using for a signalling protocol?


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You could try increasing the voltage supplied to the transmitter, though check your data scheet for the module's max Vcc (probably 12V if you're using the 433Mhz "ebay" pair)