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Well first off Android is an operating system so you can't put hardware inside of software. But I will assume you mean an Android tablet computer. And that is going to be up to the particular tablet. First you need to determine if there is space. Have you opened up the tablet to see if it will fit? If I would have to guess I would say there is zero chance that you will have enough space even if you can work at the SMD level.

You are certainly determined to ruin that tablet PC.


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Tell us what your trying to do with it...
The same thing he has been posting about for weeks now and keeps starting new posts about it..
Seems his smartphone doesn't support OTG and something about wanting 5V "out" of the USB charging port..
Just let it die.. There is no hope


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We don't know, open it up and have a look inside,

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@Pavle: You need to explain much more. Have you tried Google?
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It seems unlikely that you have a boost converter inside your Android phone. Maybe you could tell us what kind of Android phone you have.


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I followed the link, but nothing happened.

What does the service manual say about the boost converter?

P.S. Thanks for the nasty little trackers on that site. You're a real pal.
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OK. I have examined the service manual and I cannot find a boost converter. On P8-18 there is a partial schematic showing U501, allowing an enable signal (OTG_EN) to pass +5V (CHG_IN_5V) from the charger input to The USB bus (V_BUS_5V). Are you happy now?