BMS using a LTC6804-2 and Arduino uno (proteus 8.10 simulation)

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Hey guys,

Ive been working on a BMS using an LTc 6804-2 cotrolled with an arduino uno.

I am simulating the circuit throught proteus 8.10 and i have been having some issues.

While the proteus schematic seems not to have any problem, i have uploaded an arduino code to the arduino in proteus and when simulating nothing seems to work.

I am concerned it might be due to the integrated circuits like the LTC or the MCP i externally imported into proteus, or it could also be because the code is faulty.

If anyone could try and simulate the project and give me some advice on how to make it work, it would be greatly appreciated.

Ill attach the zip files with the proteus schematic (and external libraries for LTC) and the arduino program with its libraries

Thanks in advance for your help!



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Hello, your project is empty. No schematic draw, only component selected in Isis ????
At this time It impossible to help you ;)
If only coding problem, no need to use proteus to debug.


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Your Arduino hex file is needed to go any further on this. I have an environment setup along with your schematic but no program to run. There was no hex file in your 'Arduino code BMS' zip file.


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I dont understand.
Why you dont give your real project with design and code ???
You send a picture of your design ???
It seem that you use public design from another site......
Like THURTADO said, if you want help, we need all of your project.