Bluetooth Device Connected to Multiple LCD? Monitors/Displays

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I am looking to create a DJ Booth that looks similar to the one in the Alibaba product link but made from LCD screens instead. I would like it to be controlled with 1 device preferably Bluetooth that could ultimately be controlled by a phone application to push out the images. I was originally looking at a raspberry pi to control this and using IPS monitors but I heard the pi doesn't have that many outputs and there are handful of issues with storage and I am looking for the device to be more robust. I ultimately want to have a freelancer build the software & device itself but I do not even know where to start with this.

Is there already a control board that can handle a request like this?


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Oh god... buy the thing in the link! it's so cheap and DONE already.

Any custom solution will end up costing tons more money, and probably not work as well.


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I think I came across VJ software somewhere that allowed spreading images across multiple monitors. I'd try a regular PC, stuffed with a bunch of graphics cards, and then whatever LCD monitors can be picked up cheap secondhand or surplus. It won't look like the Alibaba product, but if you put a gilt picture frame around each monitor and hung them on the wall like paintings it might look good in a decadent velvet curtain VIP lounge way. On the other hand, maybe something could be done using projectors and mirrors and rear-projection if you want a 3D effect.