BlueNRG-1 problem

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Hi everyone, I'm Saeed
Recently I designed my own PCB for Bluenrg-132 IC for my project. It's OK when I want to connect to it and send data in small length i.e. 10 Bytes per second.
We want to send 6000 bytes per second. We divided it into 300 packets to send. If our connection interval time is 10ms, it would be 3 packets of connection events. based on my calculations, it's correct and there shouldn't be any problem, because in current ST consumption software, it's said if you have 20 times of payload and your connection interval is 10 ms, you will be able to send 13 packets in connection event, and I want to send only 3 packets in every connection event.

when I want to send data in 48Kbps, it disconnects from my cell phone when only about 100 of data are sent.
Any idea why it happens?

my question is how to set these parameters? is it in cellphone application? or we should set it in BlueNRG code in IDE?

And there is another problem...

The blueNRG-1 isn't discoverable in all phones, even on ST applications like blueNRG application. i.e. in xiaomi redmi note 1 it's discoverable but in Samsung galaxy s9 and Huawei honor 7x, the phone couldn't find BlueNRG-1.