BLDC motor control using PLL with IC 4046

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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to control different speed at precise rpm of bldc motor using PLL with IC 4046. So far I was unable to do it. Can you please suggest me any books, methods, guide to study and implement precise speed control BLDC motor.

Thank you.

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PLL frequency tracking getting hands on experience.
I think you want a detailed discussion of a basic PLL frequency tracking circuit and an rpm control circuit for a brushless motor.
There are CD4046 PLL modules available usually made with 4060 divider. It would need more circuitry but the board may encourage reading
the more elaborate systems having something simple to experiment with and add more circuitry when you want.
Comparing the old 4060 to an Arduino used for dividing the 4060 may seem limited depending on your application.
A question might be how does the frequency tracking work and how do I use it to control rpm.
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