bipolar square wave

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Good day, thank you for time.
I am learning electronics, and decided to build things as a hobby to learn. I am presently learning about mosfet. (and how to use my oscilloscope without sparking things...)

I have look many places and read as much as I could, learn a ton a long the way, but I am presently stuck in my quest. Either the explainations are too advence for me to understand at this present time, or they do not apply to what I am trying to make.

I am looking to build a system with the following specs:

Using a PWM module example :

I would like to generate a bipolar square wave.

With relay it would be easy as there is a NO and NC contact, is there a way to accomplish this with mosfet? is there a NC mosfet?

so in summary :

PWM module generates a unipolar square wave that could be transform into a bipolar square wave, the voltage and amperage of the bipolar square wave would be max 30vdc and 10amp.

Thank you for your assistance. :)