"Biosphere 2" $200 million dollar fiasco...

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with things like the concrete absorbing o2, and giving out C02 or something,
the glass blocking the UV that bees needed to get direction, and other things out gassing and polluting

it was IMHO a great success in that it made clear just how hard it was to make a new earth.

Like conshell and sealab, they all lead to more understanding,

Wonder how the ISS or Mir would have looked without these,


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Lots of "Gotchas" in any large project. Trick is to learn from them (or try to pass them off as "features") and press on to completion. Highly complex projects being derailed by gotchas is indicative of poor planning (or poorly delineated project parameters) and execution. What kills careers and leads to finger-pointing are very expensive boondoggles. We had one contractor who was notorious for underbidding large fixed-price new construction projects because he knew he would make nice profits from change orders (which doesn't say much for our project proposals and budgeting).