Battery Powered RGBW LED tape

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I have a project coming up using RGBW LED tape. We will be using it at 8ft lengths and I will need to have 3 sections as well as 3 control "brains" and 3 wireless DMX transmitters on one battery. I am trying to do the math to figure out how big of a battery we will need. The tape will run at a max of 80% intensity for 2hrs. The wireless DMX transmitter and "brain" will of course need constant power. The smaller the better so we can hide the battery.

I'm new to this and am trying to figure out how the math for all of this works. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.

Here is a link to the "brain" we will be using.,-8a/2025/4517/


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I don't see that info in the datasheet :(.

I do...kind of...but I can't turn off the, "bold" .:mad:

NFLS-RGBCW300X3-WHT 196.9in (16.40ft) RGB+Cool White 6000 K 4700 mA 56 W 74 $174.95
NFLS-RGBNW300X3-WHT 196.9in (16.40ft) RGB+Natural White 4000 K 4700 mA 56 W 74 $174.95
NFLS-RGBWW300X3-WHT 196.9in (16.40ft) RGB+Warm White 2900 K 3750 mA 45 W 63 $174.95

Current Draw per Channel
Lengths Red Green Blue White All Channels
Foot 50mA (0.050A) 57mA (0.057A) 55mA (0.055A) 129mA (0.129A) 237mA (0.237A)
1/2 Meter (19.7") 83mA (0.083A) 94mA (0.094A) 90mA (0.090A) 213mA (0.213A) 390mA (0.390A)
5 Meter (197") 830mA (0.830A) 940mA (0.940A) 900mA (0.900A) 2130mA (2.130A) 3900mA (3.9A)

4700 ma times 2 hours is 9.4 amp-hours worth of battery.
If I guess the controller comes in at 2 amps running, that makes the total power requirement 13.4 amp-hours.
This sounds like a motorcycle battery size.

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