Battery powered motion sensor camera improvement?

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    Apr 26, 2015

    I am using a motion activated camera with infra-red to monitor wildlife for a project. I have borrowed one of these cameras for the moment, but while it is perfect in theory, in practice it is unreliable and needs alot of maintenance.

    The cameras are made for this sort of application, they are suitable whereas a standard trail camera would not be, because I need a small camera head which is relatively subtle. A trail camera is too big for this, otherwise I would use one.

    The camera I am using is powered by a 12 volt lead acid battery, it has a memo-cam processing unit which monitors the image and saves shots (I gather it was made for a CCTV application), the camera is a small close focus wide view one, with a ring of six infra red LEDs which are set on a clock timer for night time hours.

    My main gripes with it are; It is power hungry as the battery needs to be changed every 4 days, image quality is poor and the infra red seems unreliable.

    I think the main power drain is the infra-red LEDs, as these are old fashioned.

    Are modern infra-red LEDs alot more efficient, and are they available for 12v battery powered applications? I ask, as (in my limited knowledge) I know some new LEDs are constant voltage and require LED drivers.

    I have attached a few pics of the camera workings.

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    I can't recommend any camera but I would suggest a small solar panel high in a tree to charge the battery during daytime. You could double or triple the run time of the battery at a minimum.
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    There are low cost/low performing products and higher cost/higher performing products.. You simply have the el-cheapo..

    Or something someone cobbled together from bits and pieces..
    define your needs.. find a product that meets them..
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    Try looking for for security cameras and related products. The main drawback is that you may have a hard time getting good information on power consumption.