Batteries mounted in parallel. Amps wont add !


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I didnt notice that. But how could I in only a few seconds.
Using a meter to measure current is problematic in your current experiments. The shunt resistance/burden voltage are too high, so you're not actually measuring what you think you're measuring.

You should use the circuit I proposed that had current sensing resistors in each parallel branch.

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Alright. Its all set now. It took me ages to accept the truth. Theres no way you can overload a 5w light bulb with amps even if you put 3 supplies in parallel. The only way the amps will increase - using the same voltage - is if the watts increase. I tried 4 light bulbs in parralel instead of just one. The watts increased a lot which made the amps increase a lot too. But it had nth to do with adding another supply or not. You cant break that watt amp volt rule. I really had a hard time understanding why my 2 solar panels were producing only 0,8amp but when id connect a 750w drill the amps were reaching 4amps. theres an unconditional law and thats it.
Likewise if i understand what you said guys when i connected those 4 light bulbs. What prevented them from reaching 4x5w 20w is probably their internal resistance.
Long story short its the capacity that double not the amps. Thanks guys i had to settle this once for all before moving on.