basic constant current source

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That pfet doesn't seem to be available in through hole. It's a power fet? I have SUP 90P06 will that work.

What are the critical specs on the sense reisistor?


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Will it yield..say...1/13mA per V?
Depends upon the maximum current limit.
What is the maximum output current you want at full setting?
will it work with an LMC 6482?
I think that's a dual version of the quad LMC6484.
I have SUP 90P06 will that work
Yes, that should work fine.
The one I used was just one I had in my model file.

But that unit has a larger gate capacitance than the one used in my original simulation and could cause some instability in the circuit (possible oscillations).
A 220nF cap in series with a 25Ω resistor connected between the op amp output and the MOSFET drain (output) should stabilize it.
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