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    Jul 20, 2016

    I'm an old tecchie who worked with Micros in the age of the C166/7.

    I've a need to create a simple controller for my ht coil.

    The coil is actually two (a double wasted spark switched by transistors). I have the coil and the transistors, this project just requires logic level output.

    The position pulse comes from a modified distrubutor. The pulse goes low for 15 degrees of the distributors rotation (only goes low ONCE per distributor rev). Again, all the electronics associated with this are in place and are working correctly - I have a logic level input for the micro.

    The micro will need to listen for the pulse from the distributor, then start the dwell for the coil, then stop the dwell (fire) the coil.

    Max engine speed 6k rpm, therfore max distributor speed 3k rpm, resolution required 0.2 degree therefore sample rate should exceed 90khz.

    There will be (initially) no temperature input, no TPS but a vacuum would be good.

    Other than the two outputs for coils, a RPM, vacuum and current advance value would be useful.

    What I'm struggling with is a finding a simple micro controller with a pcb/break out board allowing me to quickly develop this with a free compiler for C (happy to learn other languages as required).

    All needs to be cheap, must be below £100 to start.

    What platform do you guys suggest?


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    You will find members here who like most all the uC families. Lots of PIC supporters if you are up for C and buying a programmer. Some Arduino people, some RPi, some TI Launchpad. Personally, I prefer PICAXE. You can read about it at
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