Audio interface on FPGA, with "built on plug-ins".

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I've been wondering about this. Since music is developing into digital systems, and most music is made by computers, I wanted to do the same.
I play guitar, and this industry is also developing into computer procesing, but the problem (I think) is that if you want to play live, you probably are going to be stugling with latency (unless you spend a lot of money in equipment) because a CPU is not the best in signal-procesing (in "real" time). I thought that this problem could dissapear if I have an audio interface programmed on a FPGA, AND on this same FPGA I could load (with VHDL of course, or verilog) the sound-processing plug-ins, instead of loading this plug-ins on the CPU of my PC.

I would appreciate any opinion or thought about this. So, the main question is, getting a cheaper audio-interface where I can load any plug-in with almost no latency and good quality too.

If this developes in a good way, I'll consider to do my degree project about this.

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@o0danny, You are right: FPGAs are the best choice for signal processing.
My suggestion is that you buy a Artix board with a couple of pmod connectors e.g. Arty A7.
Then you buy one pmod with line in/out, e.g. pmod i2s2

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I know I'm a little late to the party but Antelope Audio is doing this with their "Synergy Core". I'm very intrigued by the idea as well but based on their demos it sounds pretty mediocre, almost as if there's a lofi grit on everything. I'm itching to get into DSP programming and FPGAs myself, just not sure where to start.