Attract fish by sound, light or anything else

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Ibrahim Alayli

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My project right now is the depth finder. I've been looking at fishfinders and how they work and I think that's probably the best way to go - run an electronic input into a transducer and send out a fairly low-frequency sound wave since the lake will probably be deep. (Erie/Ontario).
However, I've been looking for such an ambitious soul who has posted such a schematic but no such luck. I'm a little sketchy on how to make a reciever that will take it the returning sound waves. Can anyone lend me their Genius?

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Lake Erie (average depth 62', maximum 210') is relatively shallow compared to the other Great lakes. Lake Ontario is "more" average (average 283', maximum 802'). Lake Superior is quite deep at 483' average and maximum 1333'.

Aren't most edible lake fish (e.g., bass, perch, walleye) at lesser depths, though? How deep do you need to go?