Assistance with distributing 5v to multiple boards. (Bluetooth Amp, Qi Wireless Charger, LED light)

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Hello everyone! I'm designing a bluetooth speaker and could use some assistance or recommendations.
A little background of our project. It is a desk Speaker that has bluetooth functionality with 2 speakers. It
also has a surface with Qi Wireless charging and and area with LED lights. All of these run on 5v. My issue
i'm running into is that the Qi Charging PCB and Bluetooth amp PCB both have their own connections for
a 5v connection. Is it possible to connect all three of these to one main board that would evenly distribute
the 5 volts? All assistance is welcomed! I'm not very technical when it comes to circuitry but I am a quick learner
so if you'd like to point me in the right direction to get a better understanding, I would greatly appreciate it! And
if anyone knows of a website or manufacturer that would be able to manufacturer these in bulk quantities as soon
as all the nuts and bolts are figured out.

Thank you in advance!


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Assuming the 5V supply can provide sufficient current, just connect them to the single source. Each device will take what it needs.

This is analogous to connecting several household appliances to the same branch circuit. As long as the circuit has sufficient capacity, each appliance will take what it needs.