Asking for urgent help to write a program on the STM32L432KCU

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Mohammed Al-Bunde

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I'm totally new to the MCU world and was asked to write a program on the STM32L432KCUx that will do the following:

  • accept up to a 4 digit value from the virtual serial port on the STM Board.
  • If the 4 digit value is one of the 10 passcodes stored in an array, issue an auditory feedback signal and the text "access granted" to the serial port.
  • If it is not one of the 10 allowable pass-codes, issue another appropriate auditory feedback signal, and the text "access denied."
  • Also, illuminate a red led if the access is not granted and green led if access is granted.
Guys, your help means a lot to me.



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Bro. as I told you, I am new in this field, so you mean I should build the flow chart for the problem, and after that, I can build the code?
Especially since you are new, that is a good approach. The flowchart will show you what code you need to write. It will help prevent you from writing code which doesn’t make sense.


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It does not matter what MCU you are using. The steps are the same.
The first step is drawing a flowchart.
The last step, besides testing and debugging, is writing the code.
No one here is going to write code for you.