Are "wired" CCTV/DVR systems strictly end-to-end coax cable only? Can they be RF link compatible?

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Hello all,

I've been tasked by my father-in-law to help provide a security camera system for his farm.
Unfortunately I'm a bit of a rookie in this department, but from what I've read there are two distinctions:

1. Wired camera (CCTV + DVR) systems.
2. Wireless camera (IP, WiFi, Cellular) systems.

Of the two I'd prefer the former, since it doesn't necessarily require network access, or some subscription service.

My question is:
For a wired security camera that is normally transmitting data to a DVR through coaxial cable, is there some product or means by which a signal impinging on the coaxial line can be wirelessly transmitted from one (transmitter) end to a receiver that connects (via separate coax cable) to the DVR?

I don't need delay-free, real-time surveillance of the property, and I don't think we can afford the 500ft of coaxial cable to run to the "surveilled site of interest". I also believe there are limits to the physical distance for which a signal of this type can propagate through coax without an amp/repeater.

Any technical knowledge regarding this subject is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help!


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Use a NVR system, it uses cat6 cable not coax, all the cameras are ip types and higher resolution. Some Nvr systems use Xmeye as a remote viewer which is free and you can view it on your phone , which is what I do.


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There are modules that will transmit video or data over a fair amount of distance, depending on the antennas used. They use the 2.4 GHz band and are unlicensed. Also, they are not "new" technology. They do not involve any third party carriers, the only ongoing cost is the few watts of electricity to power them. They are presently at another location so I am not able to give you brand and model information. But certainly such devices exist and are available.