Are these USB port modifications feasible?

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  1. Krazyk

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    Aug 11, 2019
    So I have a small pcb from the inside of a USB charger for a 12v cigarette lighter port. After reading this spec sheet for the IC on the board I am hopeful that with the swapping of some resistors and capacitors the output power to the USB port can be increased considerably. And I mean by a substantial amount. I'm looking for at least 14.4v and 3amp If that is not possible am I at least correct in the assumption that the actual USB receptical itself could actually be taken away from all the components and it would just be a plug? I could say wire a 12v DC power supply to it and use the USB for my connection? I'm out of my league but any help will be greatly appreciated. 2021465901.png Screenshot_20190816-000954~2.png IMG_20190815_232031.jpg IMG_20190816_001106.jpg IMG_20190816_001100.jpg [/ATTACH]
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    You don't say what evidence suggests that the HC2018 chip can give the higher output voltage and current that you suggest, It is very unlikely that it can work as a boost converter as well as a buck converter. (There are chips that can perform both functions but not with the same circuit configuration.) I do not believe that a chip of that size could handle a current of 3 amps. (I could be wrong as I can't find the data sheet for the HC2018) What is the relevance of the list of triacs and audio amplifiers to your question ?

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    USB chargers work with pretty narrowly defined limits. Triacs are not normally used in DC-DC conversion circuits. You need to start with some requirements and a deep understanding of the following principle: POWER OUT WILL ALWAYS BE LESS THAN POWER IN; SOMETIMES IT WILL BE MUCH LESS. Until you can get your head around that, you will continue to flail uselessly.