AP9214L-AN doesn't turn on

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I produce some gadget wich is powered by lithium polymer battery. The battery is very small. It is only 8 mA. I use AP9214L-AN (Diodes) as a protection for the battery. The charging current is 15 mA. The power circuit schema is attached.

If the battery voltage is less than 3.2V AP9214L-AN turns off the battery and should recover normal status from overdischarge status by charging the battery through the charger.

I have 5% warranty return. AP9214L-AN doesn't turn on by charging the battery through the charger.
AP9214L-AN has the technical capability (it is not available for consumers) to turn on by shotting S1 and S2 pins. After I shot S1S2 the gadget works properly without any trouble (I discharge and charge it repeatedly).

So the problem is that I cann't still catch the issue on my table.

Need advice.
What could it be?
Could it be fixed by changing R1, R4, C1?