AP9101C Battery protection IC

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Good day everyone,

I'm planning on using the AP9101C as battery protection and as battery a single cell INR lithium-ion. The IC contains overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit detection. I've studied the datasheet but I'm still a little bit confused.

Below is the circuit seen that needs to be built, but I still don't understand how I'm supposed to connect this to my system. Does this mean that P+ is connected to the power in of my system and P- is the negative connection to my system?

I'm also gonna use a charger IC: MCP73831/2, but I have no idea how to connect this to my system.
The IC also contains a overcurrent discharge detection, but the datasheet doesn't say what the overcurrent is. It's described in voltage based on the mosfets I think and by changing the R2 resistor the max discharge current changes. But can someone tell me how i can exactly calculate the maximum discharge/charge current based on choosing R2 and my mosfets?

So what I basicly wanna know is:
1: How do I connect my system that needs to be supplied to the battery protection IC?
2: How do I connect my charger IC to the protection IC?
3: How can I determine the maximum discharge/charge overcurrent?
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