Anyone know anything about these opamps?


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Those are ancient, some of the first solid-state op amps using discrete devices in a potted module built in the 60"s timeframe.
You may be able to find some info on them from a Google search.


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where were they used?
I am going to guess wherever opamps were used (as in analog computers) before integrated circuit opamps came along.
For example, you could build a PID controller, an artillery range calculator, rocket guidance system with analog components.


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Those were the first type of op amps I used in an experimental Navy torpedo type device.
I used them for PID lead-lag signal conditioning and as comparators in an interesting sort of dither proportional control system using stepper motors for the control fins..


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I used some slightly more recent versions, a mature product line in 1977, for strain gauge bridge type pressure transducers. We used several hundred of them for the instrument amp assemblies in a many-station engine test line. They were very reliable and had no drift problems and those testers may still be in that diesel engine test line today. Those were type 2B31J, not really cheap until the cost of the whole PCB was considered.
We used enough of them that I got AD to agree to give us a long-lead warning if they would ever stop producing them. Of course, at the same time they did explain that those would be available for quite a long time because they sold so well.

Today those devices might sell for a whole lot if somebody needs them for repairing some older equipment. Possibly worth their weight in gold?