Anyone know anything about a Precor Treadmill motor control board ?

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I have this motor & board that I took out of what I thought was a commercial tread mill . I have been unable to find out anything about it & a phone call to Precor & they would not volunteer any info on it . I'll attach a pic of the motor , which a TM repair guy on a another group said that was one of the best motors to harvest for machine tools . There is a RJ45 connector that you can see in the lower left corner of pic # 937 , it's gray with a # 3 written on it with a marker pen .. Im guessing that is where the signals from the upper control board come into this motor board . All the other connectors are either marked of pretty heavy connectors for control signals . The motor is a 180 VDC motor .I would like to use this motor on my milling machine . Anybody know anything about this board ? the pic's have the board #'s .