anyone give me some insight on these two transistors please?

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Hey so I have a question but I can't seem to find it on the internet, its about the power consumption, scale of integration, handling requirements and costs for a Diode transistor logic (DTL) and a TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic). I know it's a lot to ask but would really appreciate it a lot. Thanks:)


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its about the power consumption
We need a schematic.
scale of integration
It will be similar for DTL and TTL.
handling requirements
Handling what?
costs for a Diode transistor logic (DTL) and a TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic)
Is this for a discrete design or an integrated circuit. Transistors and diodes cost about the same in an integrated circuit. For a discrete design, a diode will probably cost less than a transistor.

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Possibly you are asking about DTL and TTL types of logic.

100's of millions (billions) of logic gates would be one introduction which is a difficult question so let's go further to hear a short discussion of a FinFet
how one person has made a commendable attempt at summarizing. Handling? Variety of equipment inside a late model semiconductor factory working ultra small. An Opinion: When cost is added to the discussion older logic has become obsolete with high density scale leaving it to obsolete market. For example a cell phone board could no longer use it but it could work on other electronic assemblies. Unfortuneatly scale can accelerate supply and demand disruptive course with a surplus market along with lower cost pcbs. In between there are plants handling SOT-363 DTl and TTL parts.
I think that the cost of a uController chip has an effect on which electronic design will dominate when concidering cost of DTL and TTL.
Who would have thought a Pi Pico and the high end accessories would be that important several years ago ?
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Who cares? If you burn one up, go to a more powerful one. LOL.
Believe it or not, that's how I did it for years. I had about 25 burnt 2n3055
power transistors trying to swithch an auto ignition coil for a plazma display.
I finaly got it using 2 in parallel. Of course, now, the Power MOSFETS are
amazing. Ya.


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The scale of integration between DTL and TTL is about the same.
The went from DTL to TTL mainly because TTL was faster for a given power dissipation.