antenna inductance measurement.

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hi all,

i have designed one pcb antenna. i want to find out exact inductance of pcb antenna.
as well as, i have one another hollow square antenna made up of copper i also find out inductance of this antenna too.

anyone has any idea about this then please reply.

dipesh karli


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There are two ways to do this.
  1. Buy a Network Analyzer to do the measurement at the frequency of interest. NB These devices can run $100,000.00 USD or more at high frequencies.
  2. Buy an Anatenna Analyzer. These devices are much cheaper, but may not extend to frequencies above 500 MHz.


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PCB antenna means JUST the coil. It means that You may use the normal nanohenries measurer, like those 5 USD costing at ebay. They measure starting from 0,1 nH (probably), but I may bet the 10 nH they measure rather good.
Other alternative method is take the DIP-meter (what DIY circuits are tons in the internet) and just MEASURE the resonance frequency. Use the known capacitors and voila!
Third alternative is network analyzer, but it is high-cost solution.
Fourth possibility is to use a SWR measurer because factually You not need to know an inductance, instead You need to know is it matched and when it is matched. This device at ebay costs about 20 USD, so, just click it!


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Those $5 meters sold on eBay don't go down below about 60 uH.

You can make a simple RF inductance meter with a hex Schmitt trigger and a few passive components.

You can readily scale the circuit for other ranges, but you will need a few inductors in that range with which to calibrate your meter.



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Dick: At least mine I bought few years ago at ebay and it goes down to 0,1 nH however between 0,1 and 10 nH it have very unstable reads what sure are not metrologically right. But starting with 10 nH and up to the 10 uH is my everydays bread where it works more than well.