Analysis of low Pass Filter under given specification.

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I want to do the analysis of a low pass filter under below specifications -Please do consider me as Novice. I am not mature enough to provide you all information so please take it your own way .

A Low Pass Filter circuit consisting of a resistor of 4K7Ω in series with a capacitor of 47nF is connected across a 10v sinusoidal supply.

a. How to calculate output voltage and its type.

b. How to calculate center/corner frequency if it is not given.

c. Calculation for transfer function

d. What is frequency response and how to calculate and plot it .

e. Attenuation type means -3db/+3db/-6db/+6db etc ( how on can decide its attenuation in this application)

f. What is gain and phase of filter and how to plot gain and phase of the filter by using bode plot. Why do one should choose bode plot.

g. What is slope type of filter let’s say -20db/decade, +20db/decade, -40db/decade, +40db/decade, -60db/decade, +60db/decade, etc (how to decide this slope)

Thanks in Advance !!!
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Your problem is one of analysis, not design. You should change the thread title to match the content. To do a design you must start with requirements like:
  1. Maximum attenuation in the passband
  2. Minimum attenuation in the stopband
  3. Required slope in the transition bands


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If you follow the link you will find analysis examples for RC filters. Try to see if the article matches your situation and if it does how far can you get before you get stuck. Once you get the hang of analysis, we can proceed to synthesis.