Analog to Digital converter for PC input

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Hi Everyone;

I'm looking for an easy way to get an analog input converted into a digital format that can be then used in a custom software application on my PC.

The end game here is that on my boat, I need to know where the rudder is positioned. I was going to make a shaft that moves a small slide POT. I need to convert the resistance value into digital form and make it useable in a QB64 application.

I assume that there is some form of pre-built device that would be able to do this via USB similar to an electronic compass that I am using now.

Any suggestions here?



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Yes, take a look at this -

Ignore the speech aspect. This takes an Arduino and interfaces its A/D
to interact with PC via USB. The IDE used is Snap4Arduino.

You could also do this wireless via ESP8266 or ESP32. Google "esp8266
rudder position"

Also consider optical shaft position encoder approach to angle measurement.

Regards, Dana.
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You could use a cheap USB oscilloscope, such as one of these to convert the analog to digital and make it available on your PC.