Amplifier Noise Reduction

Audioguru again

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Your simple circuit feeds DC to the speaker which must never be done. Speakers work with AC, not DC.
Is the noise caused by the DC destroying the speaker?
Please describe the noise (low frequency hum, high frequency hiss, distortion or crackling).

Here is a simulation showing extreme distortion and lower distortion with better biasing:


Audioguru again

Joined Oct 21, 2019
Hi Bertus, I did not notice that the old 2SC1505 was high voltage and low current.
My simulation first wrongly used a little 2N3904 transistor that produced a current of 1000mA with no problems.


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I doubt that the TS is driving it with 70mV. More likely a 1V or so headphone output. If so, the distortion would really sound like noise.