Amplification and Offset

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Hello I am quite new to the Opamp business, so bare with me.

1 I am getting a -10 to 10V signal over a BNC connector 50 ohm.

2 Then I would like to use a voltage follower followed by a voltage divider to reduce the signal to -1.5 to 1.5V.

so far so good.

3 After this I would like to offset the voltage signal with a Reference of 1.5V. to get a 0...3V output from the opamp stage.

I have read that using a voltage divider and a inverting opamp causes a new thevenin voltage that reduces my amplification.
Would it be advisable to use another Voltage follower to seperate this? just to seperate the gain and the offset circuit?

for Opamps I would like to use the AD711