Altium Question About Clearance of Holes

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Hi there!

I am routing pin no.4 of a full bridge rectifier close to an unplated hole. (I'm using TH pad to create the hole)

However, when I tried to do so, Altium try to keep the distance 3.5mm away from the hole, which I don't want, because there is a rule to keep distance 3.5mm away from the TH Pad.
But if I change this rule, the route will not keep the 3.5mm distance from the other TH pads (through hole resistors' pad, etc.)

Could you please leave me suggestions?

Thank you
Advanced query: InComponent('PADXX') //assume the component is 'PADXX'

Min Vertical Clearance 0mil
Min Horizontal Clearance 0mil

Replace PADXX by the designator you have used for the hole.

You can enter the above on Design > Rule > Placement > Component Clearance