Altium and Eagle differences

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I've used Eagle for a while, while my company used Protel99. Now we're in front of problems facing with Protel99 respect on newer program layouts, stability and compatibility.

In addition we've an Altium 09 key (only one and standalone without subscription), but as I can see without tutorials or documentations aviable online (Altium starts from 15th).

We've recived a proposal for altium 19, an initial amount plus annual that's not affordable by our company and the use we'll do.

I'd like to ask, EAGLE 9 respect to Altium 9, which difference have?

We like Protel autoplacer and autorouter, also we'd like a 3D generator of PCB (or import housing dimensions) to see components size.

Does Autodesk added 3D features to Eagle 9?
There's an autoplacer/autorouter similar like Protel in Eagle 9?

What we're worry about, it's to continue to use a software that we'll not able to afford in future and may become old.

While Eagle, 4 layer, will allow us to use this software, always updated, for years.

What are your opinions?