Alternator for ebike motor

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Neat conversion.
Hello people, joined this forum to get some answers about this. I,m from the future 2021. This thread is old but its relevant as in lockdown I,m trying to build an ebike from an alternator. I could go and buy all the kit for £8-900, but wheres the fun in that?
I have basic knowledge on batteries, circuits etc, as my hours looking at forums and youtube will testify to. My first issue is the voltage to the sliprings of the alternator.The brushes were not as easy to get access to as other models shown on online videos.
So, Ive found the continuity between brushes and the points on the circuit board. So these two points not connected together, i mean no continuity. When I connect a 12v supply to the blue terminal,[positive,top brush], and ground I get a short on the battery. I know this is basic stuff, but I,m not experienced enough to trouble shoot. If the two points on photo haven,t got continuity, how can I complete a circuit and get a short. Any help is welcome, I,ve plenty of questions!