Alternatives to soldering and no-solder practices?

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Hey all, so I'm a hobbyist and have recently done some ESP8266 remote light switches etc. and have been asked to do the same for a couple of friends.
Here are the parts I used:
- Wemos D1 Mini
- 1-channel relay module 5V 10A
- Module Power Supply 5V 700mA 3.5W AC

So I've put them in a plastic box, isolated and put in place by hot glue.
It works, but takes a lot of space and isn't looking nice, I'd much more prefer them being soldered on one PCB that's steadily screwed.


Now, the question, do end products ever contain separate parts like in my situation just connected like that without PCB?
Is this a good practice, how could I improve and interconnect these parts in a plastic enclosings that aren't designed for this?
Any other advices on this matter would be really appreciated. thanks!


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PCBs are often integrated in enclosures with standoffs that mount them or rails that hold them. You can purchase many sizes of enclosures, of different materials and ratings.

Interconnections can be made with ribbon and other one-piece cables, or braided sleeving to make your own custom interconnect. Connectors, like JST or others can be used to make the connections.

Bud is a high quality source for enclosures, and this will at least give you an idea of what is out there:

Ribbon cable like this can be divided down if needed:

Techflex is a great place to see what is out there in braided sleeving:

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I forgot about JST connectors. You can either buy the shells and contacts, and a crimper or you can use premade pigtails.
Thanks a lot for your reply Yaakov! That gave me some nice ideas :) One more question I'd have, for things like ESP8266 with pins, how should I place that in a box to be best isolated if there's no PCB in enclosure? Thanks again!