Alternative to tape for patching insulation on wire? Shrink tubing like stuff?

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    I want to tap into a number of wires on a PSU but I don't want to cut the wires if it can be helped. Basically I want to remove about .5-1" of insluation for the connection but there may be a time when I want to use the PSU for another application and that section w/o insulation will be an issue.

    I've used electrical tape for this type of thing before, mainly splicing wires, but tape can unroll and can be a little thick. Is there anything that can be used instead of tape? Shrink tube isn't an option b/c it won't fit over the ends which have large connectors on them.

    If tape is the only option, does anyone use some sort of glue to ensure it doesn't unroll or something else? Thanks!
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    Also liquid electric tape.
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    If you have a tiny flat head screwdriver like a #00 or #000 you can reach into the connectors and unlock the catch tabs on the pins so that they can be pulled out of the connector blocks without harm.

    By doing that you can use the shrink tubing.