Ahhhh! The Sky is Falling!


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So you read the MIB "hot sheets" ... nice ...

Are you sure the scientists didn't have a marathon watching of "Deep Impact" and the E.L.E. ...Extinction Level Event.

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OMG! Only 11 million years until the next extinction! What will I do!!!
You can stop with the sarcasm for a start. Don't you know that sarcasm is just an insecure person's demonstration of passive-aggressive behavior? How do you expect all of us to work together and solve this problem as a team if you keep under minding the leadership around here? Now, I need you to come back by 9:00am with five good ideas we can all start executing immediately to put thus problem to bed by tomorrow night. Understand? Good. I look forward to hearing your ideas and execution plan. What? You already have an execution plan? That's not an execution plan, that doesn't make any sense. All you did is read off my name and four of my coworker's names. What is that? More of your unproductive sarcasm?

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What's all this nonsense about "dark matter" and "dark energy". I consider this to to a total load of rubbish made up because someone can't get their maths right.

"We have to explain these funny figures we get for universe mass, so lets make up "dark matter' "

"We'll tell the world it can't be seen or detected and they will swallow that BS cos we're got our white coats on"
Talk about the Emperor's new clothes!


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One of the impacts studied was caused by the large comet or asteroid that struck the Earth 65 million years ago off the Yucatan coast of Mexico and is said to have wiped out the dinosaurs.

This proves that Mexico is the world capital of planetary catastrophes...
See? Not all exiting things happen in New York only, as Hollywood likes to portray...