Advice to design Smart Machine Vision Software.

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I want to make Smart Machine Vision Software. Software will scan the good and bad product on conveyor belt I am wondering how it should be look like so I started to make handmade design on paper and I have created some web pages. once I have complete design I will try to make it.

user enter User name and Password if user is not valid one message will show "User not Found" and if user is valid. User will get the dashboard.

If user is new It will register by register window and if user don't know the password it will click on the forgot password button


I want to save the record of each data and user so user can get the report card

What would be your advice to make nice software. What should be in the dashboard page ?


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You may want to check out YOLO (stands for you only look once) software. It is machine software that seems to be leading the pack with machine vision. Very fast image identification with high success rate.