Adding WiFi control to my Arduino Keypad Lock

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Hello, amazing people.

I'm a really passionate beginner with arduino and electronics and I've built a Keypad lock for my room's door (inside the house).

I've used an arduino that activates a motor using a transistor to open the door if the correct pin is entered.

I want to add wifi control to my project. I have a few transistors, relays and ESP01s lying around for the upgrade. I want to use the blynk app and use the ESP01 independently without disturbing or modifying the arduino code. I'll program the ESP01 directly.

These are my requirements:
-A failsafe so I can open the lock via blynk if I forget the pin
-A kill switch that will turn off the arduino if I suspect somebody knows my PIN.

These are my ideas:
-Can I directly connect an ESP GPIO pin to the base of the transistor where the arduino is connected? By doing this can I control the transistor to switch the motor via both the arduino and the ESP 01?
-Can I put a relay module between the arduino and the battery pack and connect it to the ESP? I will connect the relay so that it will disconnect power to the arduino only when powered on. Is this a viable solution for a kill switch?

Any suggestions and ideas about how to go about this will be highly appreciated.