Adding external DC power supply ( or rechargable bat) to digital scales

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I have 2 scales that are sucking up batteries. one take 2 3v CR2032's and I'm lucky to get 30-45 min of solid use from that. The bats read 2.93v and the device says "Lo" after a short time. The other one uses 2 AAA but also gobbles it up. Neither of these have a DC jack.

I was wondering if I could put something in the space of the cr2032. I would drill a hole somewhere and extend a 2 conductor wire so that it clears the bottom of the scale (the scale isn't resting on it) and attach some female connector.

On the inside of the battery cavity solder a wire from Bat A - to Bat B + & the extension wires will be attached to Bat A + and Bat B -.

Now, I need to figure out how to power it. I'd like to be able to do Li batteries. Does anyone thinktrying to run 7.4v through this will harm it? That would be ideal to run the unit.

AS far as the other unit, it is 3v but about 3.3v when bat's are new. Can I use one 3.7 Li Ion do you think?