Add a wifi enable switch to an existing hardware circuitry.

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I need some help to locate and install a wifi switch that can be added to an existing electronic circuit before the power switch on a DC to AC power inverter I use as a means to power my backup sump pump in my basement.
There is a toggle switch on the inverter that powers the unit on but since I don't need it on all of the time I would like to be able to turn it off and on remotely if needed.


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Do you currently have anything wireless? A Google of Wireless Relay Board will bring up several possibilities like this one. There are plenty of other wireless solutions including a simple relay board and a key fob. Really numerous possibilities.



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Controlling a power inverter may be more than a simple switch in the power lead. BUT if the switch is controlling the main supply feed, that will be quite a few amps and the average wifi control module will not be able to handle that current.


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The safest way to do this would be to rig a mechanical actuator to the existing switch.

A push-pull solenoid and a pair of one-shots, with a DPDT relay connected to the remote switch would isolate any of your additions from current carrying.


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To decide on what the best approach will be requires that we know just what the switch is switching. THAT will require more information.
SOME inverters include a remote control option with a plug in connection. My cheaper inverters do not include that option, because my application would have no use for it at all.