adaptive cruise control system

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Hi, im new to the forum. I came across it and im not sure if this is the appropriate place to get help on this but ill go for it :) im designing an adaptive cruise control system.
There are 3 states in the system.

Off-system is disabled and inactive

Standby-system is enable and inactive, waiting for driver to activate ACC

On-system is active

There are 2 factors in the ON state. Time gap and speed control. In time gap, the speed of the vehicle will be determined based on a gap between a vehicle and the one in front of it. The speed control works the same as any cars speed control.

The states are



S2-speed control

S3-time gap

Standby and active are considered to be enabled which is logic high and disable is logic low.
this the general state machine i came up with showing the states. I need help determining the input ouputs for the state transition. I have to get this done by tonight hopefully. Thanks!



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