Momentary switch emulation only once after recieving power

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The traction control is a Nissan Frontier is controlled by a momentary switch. The default of the traction control is obviously on as it should be. A question came up on how to turn it off by default so that when you get in the vehicle it could be defaulted to off without flashing the ECU.

The following came to mind but I'm not actually sure how to build it.
-Energize circuitry (vehicle turns on obviously 12v environment) attached to energizing only when on fuse location
-wait 10 seconds
-toggle relay wired in parallel with actual switch for 3 seconds
-turn relay off and remain off while the vehicle is turned on.
-remain off until vehicle is started again.

I was looking at relays with timers built in but based on the descriptions didn't really seem to find what I was looking for.

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Does it being a vehicle make something more difficult. It can simply be thought of as a 12v source in this case as the 12v power will only be there while the vehicle is on, or did I post this in the wrong area?


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An automobile has peculiar characteristics related to the alternator. Besides that, there are laws all over the place that apply to automobiles. This site forbids those conversations.
Try electro-tech online.


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