AC adapter for DC blower fan?

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by tomjonesrocks, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. tomjonesrocks

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    Aug 28, 2015
    I'm trying to power the following fan: an A/C outlet. I've read numerous projects where guys have used this fan in this manner but can't find how/what power supply they used. I tried this one first (after cutting to the wires)

    The fan runs for a second, then stops for a second, runs for a second, stops for a second. And so on and so on.

    Am just not sure what I'm missing or what I'm doing wrong. The adapter seems to have enough power but I don't know why it keeps stopping?

    The fan definitely functions connected to battery; the specs it says Voltage 13.6, Amp Draw 3.1, Fuse Size 4-amp

    Any help greatly appreciated, thanks--
  2. MaxHeadRoom


    Jul 18, 2013
    As I believe you were advised in another forum, most likely the adaptor does not like the motor inrush.
    Obtain or make a simple mains adaptor from 3 components, transformer, bridge rect. and capacitor, in fact with a motor you do not need the cap even, now 2 components.
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    Aug 28, 2015
    Yes, I'm now becoming educated on the difference between a "switching" and "linear" adapter is between forums. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a "linear" adapter that I can just wire up and have this fan working. Unsure really how to build a solution from a bridge rectifier and capacitor - was hoping just to find an adapter that would work. Easier said than done I guess...

    Will now research what a "mains adaptor"
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    Nov 30, 2010
    This sounds like a job for a 15 volt transformer rated for 5 amps with a 4 diode bridge and no capacitors.
    Judging by the country you are in, I would say to buy the parts at...

    No country.
    I'm stuck.