a screen or rendering device that overlays video with extremely low latency

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Stefan Karlsson

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Sorry if this is not the right place to post this.

I am working with this project where I am generating overlay for video input. At first, I just used a webcam.

In order to get really low latency from the video and reduce CPU useage, I switched to a gigeVision camera. This one streams video into my PC, where I generate the overlay, and then render it on top of the video. This put my glass-to-glass latency down to about 130 ms.

However, when i controll stuff really quickly remotely, this latency is unacceptable.

What I am looking for is a little box, that takes in video from my gigeVision camera, and also take in an image with an alpha layer, and then generates an overlayed video for me with a latency as low as possible... less then 10 ms would be great.

alternatively, if this does not exist for gigeVision, then any kind of video transmission, including analog would be intresting. It is ok if the overlay has some latency, as long as the glass-to-glass latency of the video of the scene has very low latency.

thanks in advance